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Happy Mouth bits, the resin at the service of horses’ mouths

Happy Mouth presents a wide range of bits adapted to your horse’s needs, whatever your equestrian discipline is : dressage, eventing, endurance, … 

The brand has developed a special resin which is very popular with horses. This resin is flavored with apples, which is very palatable for equines. This therefore activates chewing and salivation. You will therefore have a much more relaxed and available horse, both at work and in competition. 

Happy Mouth has been a leading brand in equestrian equipment for years. Its mouthpieces are used and recommended by a lot of pro riders, especially for their relaxing benefits.

Flagship Happy Mouth bits

Straights (Mullen)

Are you looking for a light bit for horses that have difficulties taking pressure on their mouthpieces ? Happy Mouth brand’s straight bits are perfect for horses with delicate mouths. Their flexible resin is suitable for even the most sensitive horses.

The original straight resin mouthpiece is the two-ring Happy Mouth bit.

Double-jointed bits

Double-jointed Happy Mouth bits are essential in the saddlery of all riders. Their central break releases your horse’s tongue and offers it more comfort at work.

The little extra is the central copper joint like on the double-jointed copper Happy Mouth bit. This mouthpiece will allow the horse to relax by playing with the central part of the barrel. In addition, copper is known to make horses salivate and facilitate their relaxation in work.

Verdun’s double-break

Happy Mouth offers a wide variety of Verdun bits. In the double-jointed verdun category, there are very different models :

  • With paddle, for horses that cannot bear the pressure exerted on the tongue. This phenomenon is characterized by “shaking”, i.e. the horse will shake its head slightly or more violently depending on its level of sensitivity.
  • In copper, for horses needing to relax and release their mouth.
  • D Racing, for race horses. Its D-shaped rings are specific to the world of horse racing.


Happy Mouth has developed quality hackamores with all the know-how that characterizes the brand. This bit is ideal for horses who cannot stand having a bit in their mouth. Depending on the control needs, it is possible to use a model with more or less long branches.


Happy Mouth’s pelhams are specially designed to bring comfort to the horse while offering more control to its rider. The effect of this bit can be hardened or softened if you change the bracelet’s settings or the position of the reins on the rings.


Whether pre-shaped, straight, double-jointed or four-ringed, Happy Mouth Pessoas are ideal for horses in need of leverage. Their apple-flavored resin will delight your horse !

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