Happy Mouth Pelham Straight "Mullen"

Happy Mouth Pelham Straight "Mullen"

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This Pelham bit is made from resin, which will offer a softer contact and encourage your horse to relax.

Resin bits offer a soft contact but are less tender and thick than a rubber bit.

Happy Mouth bits are made from resin which is composed of polyurethane.

This is non-toxic and gives the horse a lingering apple flavour to help acceptance and relaxation.

This bit is a good compromise between the bridle and the snaffle, as it offers more or less leverage depending on the length of the shanks.

It causes a cession of the neck and pressure on the mandibles.

It can be used direct, with four reins or with wedding rings.

The preformed straight bit is soft and provides symmetrical contact.

This is why some riders use them as soon as they are broken in.

Resin bits are not guaranteed against biting, even when used for the first time.

*Bit thickness: 20mm

*Lower part of temples: 62mm 

*Ring size: 42mm

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