Beris, wide range of bits for horses

The Beris brand is a bit brand for ambitious amateurs and professionals.

The Beris factory is located in Germany, with all the experience, craftsmanship and passion for riding.

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Beris, comfort at your horse’s mouth service

The German brand Beris is a bit brand for ambitious amateurs and professionals.

Concerned about the horses’ well-being, Beris has created mouthpieces that are soft and respectful of horses’ mouths. The brand is recognized for allowing riders to put their horses in the best working conditions while providing them with comfort.

The Beris factory is located in Germany, with all the experience, craftsmanship and passion for riding.

West Cheval gives you its opinion on Beris bits

How do you know your horse’s bit size ?

The size guide : 110, 120, 130 or 140

It is very important to choose the right size of the horse’s bit so that its efficiency and comfort are not impaired. We recommend choosing the mouthpiece size as follows :

  • Smallmouth pony : 100
  • Classic mouth pony : 105 and 110
  • Smallmouth horse : 115 and 120
  • Classic mouth horse : 125 and 130
  • Bigmouth horse : 135 and 140
  • Very large mouth horse : 145

Which material should you choose : leather or resin ? 

Leather is a very casual and soft material that allows the horse to salivate easily. This material is widely used for young horses.

Resin is a pleasant material in the mouth since it adapts to the temperature of the horse’s one. It is widely used for horses with sensitive mouths.

Which barrel type should you choose : rigid or flexible, straight or broken, thin or thick ?

Straight barrels are used for horses having difficulty making contact with the bit, otherwise, bits with several breaks are recommended for horses resting on the bit. 

The flexibility of the bit will depend on the sensitivity of your horse’s mouth, the more flexible the bit, the more it adapts to your horse’s mouth shape.

The thicker the bit, the more the pressure it exerts will be evenly distributed in the horse’s mouth. Wide-barreled mouthpieces are recommended for horses with delicate mouths.

What are the advantages or Beris bits : comfort  ? Flexibility ? Softness ?

Beris or Poponcini bits ?

Poponcini bits use a single type of barrel with one material only, while Beris offers a wide choice of very different bits. You will inevitably find the mouthpiece of your dreams at Beris.

Beris flagship products for competitions or training


Beris bridles are recommended bits for horses with a very forward balance that need to be straightened. This bit has the advantage of being able to be used with alliances, in four reins or even live for more action. 

What we love about the Beris models is that they already come with a pair of nylon uprights !


How to use a Pelham bit ?

Beris Pelham bits are used for horses having difficulties bending the neck. The longer the Pelham’s legs, the greater the leverage ; the same applies to the curb chain’s tightening. This mouthpiece can be used with 4 reins or with rings depending on the experience of the rider using it.


How to use the Baucher bit ?

Beris bauchers have a leverage effect that makes it easier to make a horse give in. Its action can be compared to that of the pessoa. However, the latter has greater leverage due to its larger branches.


Beris Pessoas are specially designed to exert a leverage effect allowing a horse to yield easily without a chain bracelet.


Beris Tandems are bits that combine the action of several mouthpieces in one : a hackamore and a classic bit. The tandem is therefore ideal for horses with delicate mouths who cannot be ridden in a hackamore alone.

Needles bits

Beris Needle bits are ideal to frame your horse better and improve its direction’s precision. This type of mouthpiece is widely used for young floating horses.

Butterfly barrel bit

The Beris butterfly barrel bit is a mouthpiece with a barrel that has a particular shape which allows it to be placed optimally in your horse’s mouth.

The 3 tongue rings

The 3-ring bit allows you to adjust the leverage effect intensity according to the reins positioning. In addition, its tongue passage allows to leave a maximum of room for the horse’s tongue, and thus, maximize its comfort.

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