Beris Kombi With Comfort Bar

Beris Kombi With Comfort Bar

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The Beris Combi Bit with Comfort Mouthpiece is to be used on very powerful and spirited horses with two sets of reins.

This combi bit optimally distributes pressure between the horse's lower jaw and mouth. It allows for the removal of the curb chain for increased freedom of movement and comfort.

The second pair of reins acts with a slight lever effect on the bars, allowing for precise control of the pressure applied.

The Comfort Mouthpiece of this Beris Combi bit is slightly curved to rest gently and evenly on the tongue. This ensures consistent pressure on the tongue and bars while preventing pinching.

Designed to fit the horse's anatomy, this bit is generally well-received by sensitive horses.

This Combi bit is available with a soft mouthpiece (for sensitive horses) or a hard one (for powerful horses).

*Mouthpiece thickness: 18mm.

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