Beris With Comfort Bar Pelham Bit

Beris With Comfort Bar Pelham Bit

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The Pelham with a Comfort mouthpiece is a good compromise between a bridle and a snaffle bit.

It offers varying degrees of leverage depending on the length of the shanks, the adjustment of the curb chain, and how it's rigged.

This mouthpiece encourages a softening of the neck and exerts pressure on the jaw.

The Pelham can be used directly, with four reins, or with roundings; the same applies to the curb chain, and its action can be softened with other types of curb chains like leather or nylon curb chains.

The Pelham is recommended for better control with horses that tend to pull, lean, or are difficult to manage, such as strong-willed or spirited horses.

It has a lowering effect when the reins are attached to the lower ring and a slight elevating effect when they are attached to the larger rings.

The Pelham bit comes with curb hooks.

Mouthpiece thickness : 18 mm

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