Beris Pelham Single-Jointed Short

Beris Pelham Single-Jointed Short

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The Beris Pelham Simple Brisure Court bit is an innovative new mouthpiece that ensures your horse's comfort.

Designed in fine plastic, it offers a large bearing surface and low height to ensure optimum comfort, even in small mouths.

The plastic surface is very flat, allowing smooth, easy insertion into the mouths of horses with little saliva.

The joint and the central part of this mouthpiece are finely worked and assembled with the low height of the mouthpiece in mind.

In addition, the incorporation of copper bushes guarantees a smooth sliding of the rings for gentle and precise communication when using the reins.

*Bit thickness: 18mm

*Composition: Plastic

*Care: After each use, clean the bit with clear water to remove saliva and food residues. Use a soft, non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratching the bit surface.

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