Beris Short Pelham With Tongue Port Bar

Beris Short Pelham With Tongue Port Bar

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This Pelham bit has a tongue through that will provide optimal space for your horse's tongue. 

This bit is very suitable for horses that have difficulty bending their neck. 

It is used with horses that are "hot" by nature, that require clear action in critical situations (competitons), as well as with horses that are difficult to control. 

On this mouthpiece, the short branches allow a less strong leverage effect than with large branches. 

Depending on the lenght of the limbs, the pressure on the bars will change, so you have to play with the angle of the barrel. 

This mouthpiece is therefore very well suited to horses that do not tolerate traditional bits because of the pressure that will be exerted on the tongue and that react by shaking their head. 

This system is very well adapted to horses that tend to lean on the bit 

Thanks to its curb chain, the effect of the bit will be more or less severe in its action. 

This bit will be used preferably by riders who practice show jumping in competition in order to make tight curves. 

Resin bits are not guaranteed against biting, even after the first use. 

*Mouthpiece thickness : 18mm

*Bow height: 30mm

*Length of the arms : 50mm 

*Ring size : 55mm 

*Composition : resin 

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