CRAFTY PONIES, the pony-shaped educational soft toy.

Crafty Ponies is a detail-oriented brand offering educational plush ponies and their equipment.

Made from high quality synthetic fur, these unique soft toys allow children to learn how to equip a horse while having fun in a very realistic way.

The famous soft toys brand is finally in France !

Crafty Ponies is a detail-oriented brand offering educational plush ponies and their equipment (blankets, halters, bands or even obstacles). 

The soft toys’ realism therefore allows children to learn to saddle, brush, and take care of a horse without risking injury. Using a Crafty Ponies plush is ideal to prepare little riders for the passage of their first horse riding exam. Learning while having fun is Crafty Ponies’ key word.

West Cheval has selected the best Crafty Ponies items for your children :

Crafty Ponies plushies

Crafty Ponies soft toys look like cartoon ponies and are therefore very appealing to children. Their very soft hairs and woolen bristles make them very pleasant to the touch. Your children will love to take care of it and equip it.

With the purchase of your Crafty Ponies plushies you will receive a passport where you can write down its name, its owner’s name, its date of birth and discover the brand’s full range of accessories.

There are a multitude of plush colors that have been named by us. There is Bonita the palomino, Doulie the bay, Kikinou the brown appaloosa, Sweetie the black appaloosa, Emile the burnt chestnut, Ruby the black, Vince the isabelle, Jelly the chestnut and Vogh the gray. 

Crafty Ponies blankets

Crafty Ponies offers different types of blankets for ponies. First, you can opt for the basic fleece, which is available in different colors. There is also a very realistic fly rug with a neck and a mask to hunt insects. You will also find the waterproof outdoor cover with a blow also to prepare the plush to go to the paddock. 

And for the most fashionable ponies, there is also the cover set with matching bands and masks included ! This assortment is available in very fun colors, with stars, polka dots or even a zebra pattern.

Crafty Ponies harnesses

In order for the little Crafty Ponies to be ridden, you still need some material ! Obviously a halter designed like the real ones with a bit and reins as well as adjustment buckles. Since you do not ride a plush without any harnesses on, you will need a saddle. We love the stirrup details that have adjustable stirrup leathers and straps.

To protect the ponies’ limbs, nothing beats bands available in many colors.

In order to take the Crafty Ponies out of its box, it is essential to use a halter and a lead.

For the more patriotic, there is also the Concours de France with a blanket, carpet and strips.

Crafty Ponies riders

To make beautiful training, the plush needs its rider, Harry or Gaby. Well equipped with helmets and half-chaps, these little riders look very real. 

Crafty Ponies obstacles

Do you dream of training your Crafty Ponies for the competition ? You will need the CSO set. It contains 6 obstacles similar to those that can be seen on the most beautiful showgrounds.

Crafty Ponies treatments

For a clean plush toy, the grooming kit is essential. It contains : a soft brush, a hard brush, a hoof pick, a sponge, a comb and a curry comb.

For great hooves, give your Crafty Ponies the Farrier Kit which contains all the real farrier’s utensils.

Crafty Ponies


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