Back On Track, optimal comfort for you and your horse.

Back On Track, an innovative equestrian brand, which offers a wide range of wellness products and textiles for both horses and riders.

The brand has developed and used WellTex technology for the manufacture of its many products, improving mobility, preventing injuries, and thus, providing optimal preparation, recovery and comfort.

   Saddle pads, sweaters, stable ankle boots, blankets, you can find the whole Back On Track range on the upholstery.

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Back On Track for horses, high quality therapeutic products

Back On Track, an innovative equestrian brand, which offers a wide range of wellness products and textiles for both horses and riders.

The brand has developed and used WellTex technology for its product manufacture, improving mobility, preventing injuries, and thus providing optimal preparation, recovery and comfort. This fabric contains ceramic powder, which gives it all its wonderful properties. 

From saddle pads to sweaters and stable boots, the entire Back On Track product range is available on our website,, or in our store at the European Center of Horses in Le Mans.

West cheval gives you its opinion on Back On Track flagship products

Horse section

Back warmers for an optimal preparation

Back On Track offers two types of back warmers, which are both ideal to prepare your horse’s muscles to exercise, and thus, limit stiffness and the risk of injury.

Royal model

The Royal back warmer is the top model. It is anatomical and fits your horse’s back perfectly, even if it has a very pronounced withers.

Warmer model

The Warmer back heater, on the other hand, is a little cheaper, simpler and will suit smaller budgets.

Which back warmer size should I choose ?

It is recommended to take the 100x100cm size for horses and ponies that usually require a blanket size of less than 145cm (6’6). For larger horses, we recommend the 100x120cm size.

Halters at the pinnacle of comfort

Back On Track halters are specially designed to bring everyday comfort to your horse.

Werano model

We really fell in love with the Werano model which, thanks to its padding and WellTex fabric, limits chafing in the neck and face aeras. 

The very elegant saddle pads and beanies 

Back on Track offers saddle pads with chic and elegant designs for daily riding and competitions. 

The brand has developed its saddle pads with the aim of improving the horses’ performances. She succeeded by using an inner material that reduced pressure on the spine. Thus, the horse experiences greater freedom of movement at work.

Of course, each saddle pad has its matching beanie. The look above all !

Horse protection for training and rest days

3D mesh gaiters

The 3D mesh gaiters are THE Back On Track must-have. These work protections combine safety and comfort by allowing your horse to move freely without any injury thanks to their flexible and highly resistant material.

These gaiters are also available in a lined with synthetic sheepskin version, for maximum comfort.

Stable boots

The stable Back On track Royal boots are ideal to support your horse in its recovery without wasting time putting on rest bands. They are also very practical to protect your horse during transport thanks to their neoprene lining (which you will have to order separately).

Hock protectors

Royal hock protectors are the perfect aid during joint problems rehabilitation as they reduce pressure on the joint and improve the healing process.

Blankets, supreme fleeces, shirts and kidney pads, comfort above all

Back On Track offers a range of blankets and saddle pads specially designed to bring warmth and comfort to the horse during its rest or warm-up periods.

Rider section

T-shirts and sweaters for all seasons

Back on Track offers different tops models for men and women, and for any season.

We love turtlenecks which, thanks to their therapeutic material, help to relieve back, shoulder and arm problems. These sweaters exist in men’s and women’s versions.


Always with the aim of improving the rider’s comfort, the Back On Track socks protect the feet from abrasions, and thus, limit the blisters formation on them.

Helmets, safety and originality

Back On Track is very well known for its helmets range, going from basic helmets to very girly patent helmets !

The brand’s helmets are ideal if you want to treat yourself with an original helmet without ruining yourself. In addition, they will protect you very effectively since they comply with the legislation in place in Europe concerning riding helmets.

Welltex adhesive strips

WellTex adhesive tapes are specially designed for strappings. This special material allows them to stimulate blood and reduce joint, muscle and lymphatic pain

Dog section

Coats for a warm pooch

Hugo standard dog coat

The Hugo dog coat is ideal to protect your dog from the wind during the fall. Its water-repellent and breathable material will allow it to stay dry if it rains.

Its big advantage : its reflective band which will save it many mishaps.

Filet coat

The Filet Back On Track dog blanket is lightweight and breathable. Its WellTex lining will provide your dog all the comfort of its own body heat. We recommend pairing it with another waterproof cover for inclement weather.

Incredible but true, this coat also exists in a version specially designed for Dachshunds measurements. 

For more information on Back On Track products, you can contact us via our social networks, by email or by phone.

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Hats, headbands and scarves
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