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You can find the whole Dy’on range in France at West Cheval

Dy'on, the Belgian brand, Assesse’s queen

Dy’on offers a wide range of innovative and technical products, leathers and textiles, for riders and their mounts, while maintaining a chic and refined aesthetic.

The Belgian brand ensures a choice of quality materials and impeccable manufacturing, undisputed guarantee of quality of its products, which follows the technical evolutions of the equestrian world. 

Dy’on has a long love story with professional and amateur riders whose first basic rules for equipment choosing are resistance and comfort.

Going from bridles, to half-chaps or even horse-rider textiles, for competitions or in-stables life, you can find our entire selection of Dy’on riding equipment on www.westcheval.fr or in our shop in Le Mans.

Brand’s flagship products

Chaps, ankle boots and boots

Dy’on’s half-chaps are known for their resistance and the comfort they provide to riders when riding. Dy’on’s chaps have a big advantage : they are under guarantee and repaired for free in their workshops in Belgium. A pair a Dy’on half-chaps is for life !

The brand has also designed large chaps that are very useful in winter and for riders who wants to ride in jeans.

What about boots ? We’d love to see a model of Dy’on boots, however, the brand hasn’t released a prototype yet. You will have to be patient. 

Snaffles, bridles and dressage bridles

The brand’s essential range, Dy’on bridles are designed to meet every needs of both horses and riders. There is a very resistant range, recommended for daily work called Working.

The other ranges, Hunter or English, have a more elaborated design and will be perfect to embellish your mount in competition. 

Dy’on is also highly appreciated by dressage riders for the technicality and finesse of its bridles. They have already been adopted by many top riders for both competitions and training their horses. 

The fabric

The jackets

Dy’on accompanies riders on a daily basis by protecting them from the cold and the wind thanks to technical and comfortable jackets.

The best example is the Dy’on 3-in-1 technical jacket which has two pieces : a warm softshell and a waterproof and windproof jacket. 


The Belgian brand has developed a range of chic and warm blankets for your horse. Ranging from the shirt to the fleece through the outdoor blanket, Dy’on’s blankets range is very wide and meets all your expectations in terms of comfort and resistance.

Stable accessories

Dy’on also offers a wideline of stable accessories such as : hangings, box doors, head protection, band bags

All these accessories are in Dy’on’s colors. You will then be able to wear your favorite brand’s colors like the greatest riders in the world

Cleaning products : soap, oil and balm

In order to maintain your Dy’on leathers the best possible way, the brand has thought of everything ! The brand developed products such as glycerine soap, oil and nourishing balm to keep bridles, breastplates and halters looking brand new.


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