Likit offers a wide range of treats and toys for horses. High quality, checked by a recognized equine nutritionist, these treats are developed to relieve boredom and stress, or simply to please your horse, at rest, in the stable, at work or even in competition.

You can find the Likit range online or in store.

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Likit the inexpensive treat for all occasions

Likit is the brand of horse treats that every rider knows. The brand specializes in treats with original flavors to the delight of our horses.

Among the many products that make up its range, Likit now offers treats in the form of stones or bars, salt stones, game supports, candies or even granola blocks.

In order to offer a small quick reward or a daily occupation for your horse, consider Likit. You can find all the brand’s products on our online store and in our store at the European Center of Horses in Le Mans.

West Cheval gives you its opinion on Likit flagship products

Supports and toys

Likit’s basic product is the hanging support used as a game for horses that spend time in stalls. You can easily hang it so that your horse can be entertained throughout the day. For more fun you can associate it with the Boredom Buster Likit double slot ball. If you do not have either of them, you can directly buy the Boredom Breaker kit containing the two supports.

In the same range, there is also the Tongue Twister, a static support on which a ball containing the treat rotates. It is particularly recommended for the meadow and the paddock.

The Bizzy Ball can be used both on the ground and suspended in the stall to entertain your horse effectively. This model is only compatible with Bizzly Lick stones.

Likit bars and sweets

To offer your horse a reward worthy of the love you have for him, you will obviously need a Likit pack bar.

You can also give him small Likit Snacks treats (available in 100g or 500g) to make him happy. There is also a Rainbow carousel kit with a Likit rainbow stone and Snacks treats. Something to delight your horse !

Lick stones with different tastes : Banana, cherry,...

Likit offers a multitude of varieties of its lickable treats : Cherry, banana, apple, candy cane, watermelon…

This type of stone is available in 650g or 250g to adapt depending on whether you are using a Tongue Twister, a classic support or a Boredom Buster.

For the Bizzy Ball, you will need to use the Bizzy Lick stones available with a mint, original, garlic or apple flavor.


The greediest horses are crazy about it ! I’m obviously talking about the Likit Granola muesli block.

It is compatible with the classic Likit support.

Himalayan salt stone

To balance your horse’s mineral salt intake, there’s nothing like a Likit salt stone.

You will find it in an adaptable format on the classic support and also in 2kg blocks.

In order to be aware of the brand’s latest products, you can follow our announcements of new products on the store’s Instagram account.


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