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West Cheval offers you many models of stable shoes perfect for going to see your horse in winter

As you know, horse riding is a sport where you are regularly in contact with dirt, mud or dust, no matter what the discipline (dressage, show jumping or eventing).

In order to preserve your beautiful leather riding boots, it is preferable to wear a pair of outdoor boots on a daily basis.

Dubarry: the waterproof leather boot (brown or black) that all riders are addicted to

Any rider worth his salt must have a pair of Dubarry boots. Why do they need them? The answer can be summed up in three words: elegance, comfort and waterproofing.

Indeed, Dubarry has chosen to elaborate its winter riding boots from a waterproof leather, which gives you a very chic look to brave the cross-country or jumping grounds during the cold season. In addition, the boot's sole and the high-quality materials chosen, such as GoreTex, help improve your comfort by providing better insulation from the cold and perfect ergonomics.

So you can see why a pair of Dubarry boots is a must-have item in the wardrobe of all those who practice equestrian sports or not. It is also an excellent way to preserve the leather of your riding boots!

The models for women

The Glanmire model with pretty laces

This model is appreciated by women, because it is very sober and refines the calf. Its particularity: it is possible to tighten the boot thanks to an elastic lacing present at the back of the stem.

The Glanmire model (price: 429 EUR), chic and elegant, is perfect for the countryside as well as for the city. You will be able to look your best in spite of the bad weather and the cold.

The Sligo model with a very tight fit

Very feminine thanks to its very tight fit, the Sligo model (price: 429 EUR) from Dubarry highlights the leg of the most flirtatious riders. But how can these riding boots be so close to the calf? It's simple, they close with a zipper all along the outside of the leg.

This model is still very comfortable because it has gussets at the top and back of the calves. We also love the detail of the snap closure at the top of the boot.

The models for men

The iconic Galway model

First model of the Dubarry brand, the Galway model (price: 429 EUR) is already in the closet of many riders. This pair of boots seduced us thanks to its insulation against the cold and its waterproofness, unlike a classic riding boot.

The Galway model is mixed and is suitable for both men and women with its little hunting style. With riding pants or jeans, it makes its effect.

To suit as many people as possible, Dubarry has even created two other models, ExtraFit (price: EUR 429) and SlimFit (price: EUR 429), for wider or thinner calves and feet.

Kildare boots for a more casual look

Raw jeans and a hoodie are the perfect look for Dubarry Kildare boots (price EUR 299). Like all the brand's models, these little leather riding boots are waterproof. You'll have dry feet with this lighter, but no less comfortable model.

Models for children

Despite a very wide range of outdoor boots, Dubarry does not currently offer a model for children. However, the brand is starting its flagship models from size 35. Small feet will also be able to enjoy the comfort of Dubbarry.

For children with very thin calves, we recommend the Galway Slim Fit model (price: EUR 429), which is narrower than the classic version. If the height of the shaft is a problem, opt for a pair of mid-calf riding boots such as the Donegal (price: EUR 399) or the Kildare (price: EUR 379)!

Warm boots for winter

Although all Dubarry boots are warm, some are more suitable for the feet of the coldest among us.

Dubarry's first thermal riding boot is the Kilternan (price: 439 EUR). This high boot is very similar to the Galway model but has the particularity of being lined in fake fur. You won't have any reason to shiver in winter!

Our second favorite model to face winter is the Donegal (price: 399 EUR). This mid-boot is also lined for the pleasure of your little feet. You'll be eager to take off your riding boots with outdoor shoes like these.

Like the entire Dubarry range, the models mentioned above are made from waterproof leather!

The cheapest model

The cheapest model in the Dubarry range is undoubtedly the Roscommon boots (price: 299 EUR). Inspired by the Galway model, it has all the characteristics of the other models of the brand.

The Killarney model (price: 299 EUR) is also the cheapest from Dubarry. We love its slim and mid-rise look that makes it very easy to wear in the city. Moreover, it is completely in black or brown grained leather, the height of chic!

The hiking boot

Dubarry boots are so comfortable that we'd like to wear them all the time. With the Clare model (price: 399 EUR) it is possible! This model has a reinforcement on the inside of the calf so you can wear them on horseback. Hiking fans already love them!

For other disciplines (show jumping, dressage, eventing) we recommend them for rides or light work. To ride for training, we recommend a pair of riding boots that will be more flexible and more ergonomic.

E.L.T.: plastic rain boots

Looking for an inexpensive pair of outdoor rubber boots that will keep your feet dry on rainy days? Look no further, we've got just what you need: the E.L.T. Drops rubber boots (price: 44,95 EUR).

With their navy color and cute little buckle on the side, they are sober yet chic. These boots are made from rubber to ensure that they are super waterproof. To prevent you from slipping, E.L.T. has chosen to equip its pair of rain boots with a non-slip sole.

Penelope: The trendy lined boots

When you leave your riding boots in winter, the only thing you dream of is to slip your feet into warm and comfortable shoes. Penelope makes your dream come true with its little waterproof lined boots made of synthetic material.

There are two versions. The first is the Penelope boot (price: 85 EUR), it will keep you warm from the ankle to the toes. You can also wear it in town!

The second model is called Lola (price: 75 EUR). This one is not stuffed and goes up higher than the previous one, until the first third of the calf. This little pair of boots is ideal to brave the rainy days without damaging your riding boots in winter.


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