CWD the saddle specialist : second-hand saddles, endurance saddle, mademoiselle saddle, Se02 or 2Gs

The French brand CWD Sellier is one of the big names in the saddlery world and riding equipment for equestrian disciplines.

In dressage, show jumping or cross country, this riding saddler has a traditional and authentic know-how, which is dedicated to the rider’s sporting performance. This brand offers a wide choice of top-of-the-range products for you and your horse.

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Looking for a 17.5 saddle : how to choose between CWD, Antares, Butet, Delgrange or Devoucoux ?

CWD is THE ultimate saddle brand that hasn’t been equalled yet. This brand offers technical and comfortable tailor-made saddles with quality leather. CWD saddles are customizable with colored piping to satisfy all your desires.

CWD also offers a large range of second-hand saddles in excellent conditions where you will be able to find that one-in-a-million saddle.

The brand is also the first to have offered a saddle specially adapted to female morphology : the Mademoiselle saddle.

CWD’s flagship accessories 

The stirrup leathers

A wide range of stirrup leathers had been created by CWD to meet the requirements of each discipline : dressage, jumping, eventing or endurance. CWD has even developed a model that is compatible with FreeJump stirrups : the So Jump stirrup leathers.

Straps and bibs

CWD has developed girths and bib girths with the aim of providing maximum comfort possible to the horse during the exercise. The CWD girth range includes girths for all disciplines. 


The CWD bridles are made from soft and durable quality leather. The models are designed to provide comfort to your horse when exercising. Mademoiselle models can be personalized with touches of colors to match your saddle.


CWD had designed breastplates and reins with exceptional leather to accompany your horse in his daily work. The brand innovated by adding round rings to its martingales, which can be opened like carabiners. 


CWD gaiters and fetlock boot’s range is very wide : with sheepskin, buckles, Velcro,... You can thus effectively protect your horse from shocks during training and competitions. 

You’d like to match your gaiters with your saddle ? Thanks to the customizable Mademoiselle Gaiters and fetlock boots, it is now possible.


There are a multitude of CWD reins : in fabric, with handles, in rubber,... You will be able to choose your pair according to your preferences in order to have the best contact with your horse

The softshell jacket

This jacket is very popular with riders because it is light, warm and water-repellent. Its very characteristic red, the color of the brand, makes all its look. This softshell is available in a men’s and a women’s version.


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