Pantalon Equithème "Pull On" Pantalon Equithème "Pull On" 2
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Equithème "Pull On" Breeches
Colours: black/white or navy/white Sizes: from 34 to 44 female model
Pantalon Equithème "Pro" Pantalon Equithème "Pro" 2
Product available for orders
Equithème "Pro" Breeches
Colours: anthracite/white, white/light grey, black/white, taupe/white or royal blue/white Sizes: from 34 to 46 female model
Legging E.L.T Ella Legging E.L.T Ella 2
Product available for orders
Legging E.L.T Ella
Colors : various Sizes : form 34 to 46  Women's model 
E.L.T Micro Knie Pants E.L.T Micro Knie Pants 2
Product available for orders
E.L.T Micro Knie Pants
Colors : black, night blue or white  Sizes : from 34 to 46  Women's model
Pantalon Equithème "Lucy" Pantalon Equithème "Lucy" 2
Product available for orders
Equithème "Lucy" Breeches
Colours: white or navy Sizes: from 34 to 44 female model
Pantalon Equithème Kenya Pantalon Equithème Kenya 2
Product available for orders
Equithème Kenya Pants
Colors : white, black, navy, plum or brown  Sizes : from 34 to 44  Women's model 

Where to find riding pants for women ? At West Cheval of course !


Which brand of pants to choose ? (Animo, Pikeur, Equithème, Flags and Cup, GEM...)

You want to add another riding pant to your wardrobe ? West Cheval has selected for you the best brands of riding pants! When you choose a new pair of pants, it is sometimes complicated to choose between the multitude of brands present on our website. Don't worry! We will help you find the pants of your dreams.

High-end Italian brands

Italian brands are undoubtedly the queens of riding clothes. Their materials, their cuts and their designs testify to a real national know-how in the field of textile.

Animo and Cavalleria Toscana offer technical, comfortable and elegant riding pants. For chic and sobriety, choose Cavalleria Toscana. For technicality and originality, choose Animo.

The new trendy brands

These brands have the wind in their sails! Thanks to their capacity to innovate and follow the new trends, GEM, Samshield and Horse Pilot are the brands of the moment!

Horse Pilot is known for its technicality and its permanent innovation. Their designs of pants sometimes going to be futuristic make the specificity of this brand.

GEM is a brand that knows a great success, because it is inspired by streetwear trends to create unique models with a very young DNA.

Samshield is the brand that attracts the attention of color lovers. Every season, the brand releases half a dozen new colors that riders are clamoring for.

Brands that emphasize comfort and simplicity

Jump'In, Ego 7 and Penelope Leprevost are known for offering no-fuss pants that are very comfortable to wear. Their pants are ideal for everyday riding and pairing with more extravagant pieces. Thanks to the elastic material and the well studied cut, these pants will perfectly fit your curves to offer you an optimal look and comfort.

Brands with the best quality/price ratio

Equi-thème and Flags and Cup are the brands to turn to if you have a small budget. The quality of Equi-thème and Flags&Cup riding pants is excellent compared to their lower price than the big brands.

How to choose your pants size: does this model fit large or small?

To make your choice of pants size easier, West Cheval indicates on its article sheets the specificities of each model.

Concerning the pants made in Italy, those of the brands Animo and Cavalleria Toscana, are indicated the Italian size and the French size like this: 42I-38F. So you have to rely on the French size; in this example, the pants are suitable for a woman of 38.

If the size you ordered does not fit you, you can return your pants for free and choose another size.

What color pants to choose (black, green, burgundy, royal blue, beige, red, white, brown...)

The ideal choice of the color of riding pants is personal to each rider. However, we recommend that you choose light colors, which will not retain the heat of the sun's rays in summer (pearl gray, beige, light blue, ...). For winter, you can choose a dark color pants that will get dirty less easily (black, navy, chocolate, burgundy, ...).

Choosing the color of your pants is also a matter of taste. If you have a classic style, you will probably turn to sober colors such as black or navy.

If you like to follow new trends, you'll probably choose to add the latest colors offered by brands to your wardrobe. Don't know what's new? Ask our experts in-store or send them a message in the chat room on the site. They'll tell you what colors are in style this season.

Is it mandatory to wear white pants in competition?

It is traditional for riders to wear white pants in competition. For dressage, white competition pants are mandatory. For other disciplines, the rule has been relaxed over time.

In show jumping, it is possible to wear very light and sober colored pants: white, beige and pearl gray. Many riders have started the trend of wearing light colored pants to contrast with the color of their polo shirt.

What type of riding breeches to choose according to the season?

Lightweight pants for summer?

For the summer period, we prefer light fabrics. Many brands such as Cavalleria Toscana or Ego 7 offer pleasant and very light materials despite the heat.

You can also opt for riding leggings, which will lend itself perfectly to the season thanks to its thin fabric and comfortable fit.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to choose light colors in summer to reflect the sun's rays.

Warm, waterproof and water repellent pants for winter?

In cold weather, there's nothing like a pair of thermal pants for women. Generally speaking, thermal pants are made of softshell material that retains heat. Their elastic material offers a great freedom of movement necessary for horseback riding.

Several brands offer thermal pants for women, we invite you to discover them on our online store.

Which style of pants to choose? (Jodhpur, jeans, high waist, skin bottom, silicone grip, with cell phone pocket, leggings...)

Dressage pants

The wardrobe of a dressage rider is, indeed, somewhat different from that of a show jumping rider. Trainers have high-waisted, full-bottom pants.

The full-bottom is preferable to the basanes found on classic riding pants. The full-bottom offers a better grip and contact with the saddle, and thus, a better fixity to the rider. There are two schools of thought when choosing a full-bottom. The one that prefers the integral bottom in skin, a material similar to suede. The other is the one that prefers the full bottom made of silicone, also called grip.

In addition to the full bottom, dressage riders like their pants to have a high waist. A high waist provides good back support and is also more comfortable.


Women's riding leggings are very trendy right now. Whether it's for beginners or advanced riders, everyone finds their advantage and wants to add one to their wardrobe.

Indeed, the leggings are more comfortable than a classic riding pant. Its elastic fabric, sometimes in softshell material, is known to offer a great freedom of movement. This is very pleasant when practicing equestrian sports.

There are very classic models with simple grips, but also more elaborate models for different disciplines.

For example, there are models with a high waist and a full bottom for dressage. The integral bottom on the leggings is essentially in grip.

The Jodhpur

The riding pants for women called jodhpur was a model widely worn until the 2000s. It is now considered by many as out of fashion, but continues to make the happiness of beginners and some nostalgic riders.

With its basanes or its full bottom, the jodhpur riding pants for women is the very idea that we can have of a riding pant.

The decline of the classic jodhpur riding pant was caused by its cut. Indeed, on a jodhpur model, the bottom of the pants is quite thick. This makes them uncomfortable inside riding boots or booties.

Warm pants

The thermal pants for women are part of the basic equipment for women riders to face the winter. With its sofshell material, the thermal pants for women will keep your legs warm in cold weather. For trainers, there are even high-waisted versions with full bottoms.

Among our wide range of riding pants with baselayer, this is by far the most suitable for the winter season. They can be somewhat expensive, due to the specificity of their material. You can then opt for a technique approved by beginners and professional riders: the tights.

Our cheap pants, in clearance or in sale

West Cheval regularly proposes offers or coupon codes via its social networks or its ambassadors. Moreover, we have at heart to offer you the biggest brands at the best price.

You can find our discounted pants in the "Clearance" section of our website.

You can also find our selection of men's riding pants for the rider.

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