Pantalon Equithème "Pro" Pantalon Equithème "Pro" 2
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Equithème "Pro" Breeches
Colours: anthracite/white, white/light grey, black/white or taupe/white Sizes: from 38 to 48 Male model
Pantalon Greenfield Basic Homme Marine Pantalon Greenfield Basic Homme Marine 2
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Men's Greenfield Basic Pants
Colors : navy, grey, black or white  Sizes : from 38 to 50  Men's model 
Pantalon Equithème Lars Homme Pantalon Equithème Lars Homme 2
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Equithème Lars Mens Pants
Colors : white, black or navy  Sizes : from 38 to 48  Men's model 
Equithème "Georg" Breeches Equithème "Georg" Breeches 2
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Equithème "Georg" Breeches
Colours: white, black, navy, anthracite or brown Sizes: from 38 to 48 Male model

West Cheval answers all the questions you need to ask yourself to choose pants that combine elegance, comfort and performance

Indeed, this garment is part of the basic sports equipment of any rider. However, it is not easy to choose, whether for a man or a woman. West cheval offers a large list of carefully selected riding pants at the best price, whether for beginners or professional riders.

You will discover on sale on our website a large stock of riding breeches with very different materials, prices and designs.

All the models you will find on our website are eligible for delivery in France and the European Union.

Which brand of pants to choose (Pikeur, Animo, Samshield, Flags and Cup, Cavalleria Toscana, Equithème...)

West Cheval takes care to choose its suppliers carefully in order to offer you a large choice of high quality products for the practice of equestrian sports.

If you are looking for a pair of pants made in the European Union of incomparable quality and elegance, we recommend the brands Animo (Metric pants, price : 242 EUR) and Cavalleria Toscana (New Grip System pants, price : 250 EUR).

Do you like technical and elaborate designs? Turn to Horse Pilot (X-Design pants, price: 190 EUR) or Samshield (Marceau pants, price: 229 EUR).

For those who like excellent value for money without breaking your piggy bank, Flags and Cup (Saint-Malo pants, price: 104,99 EUR) and Jump'In (Super X pants, price: 160 EUR) are made for you.

You have flashed on a model in stock? Order it and benefit from Chronopost delivery within 24 hours.

What is the difference between a man's riding pant and a woman's riding pant ?

First of all, the size chart for men's riding pants goes from 36/38 to 48 while women's sizes start at 32 (or even 30) up to 44/46.

Also, women's pants are worn closer to the neck, while most men like their pants slightly larger or wider (with darts).

There may also be differences in design, although women's pants can be very plain, they can also be set with rhinestones, which is not the case with men's pants.

What cut of pants to choose (pinch, long straight, leggings rider, high waist, grip or full grip, jodhpur, bottom of skin, knees basanes)?

As for any other product or clothing, choosing the right model and cut of pants is very important because these factors will directly influence your comfort on horseback.

Very little used today, the clip-on breeches were very popular because they were loose at the top of the thighs. It leaves the rider free to move around and gives him a vintage look. We have some models in stock on our site for the most nostalgic.

The riding pants with full bottom of skin is particularly used for dressage. Indeed, the bottom fabric in contact with the saddle being similar to suede, it clings perfectly to the leather and increases the rider's fixity. The bottom of the pants can also be in full grip! The full grip models are really appreciated by the dressage riders who are eager for novelties.

The leggings are pants with an elastic material without zipper or button. It is already very popular with Nordic riders. The leggings are used in many sports for its extreme comfort, why not in riding?

Among the more basic models of pants, there is the long straight. These pants are the most basic and its cut follows the shape of the male body.

The fashion is high waist! More comfortable in the saddle and in the sitting position, these pants are unanimously appreciated by the riders.

With grip or knee briefs? That is the question. If you want to have more grip and fixity with your knees when riding, the grip is ideal. If you want to have freedom of movement, choose the knee pads.

What color breeches to choose for a rider (white, red, royal blue, beige, black, brown, green)?

Light and bright colors for summer

During the summer, wearing light colors will allow you not to retain the heat of the sun's rays. You can then turn to mouse gray or beige, if you like sober clothes. For the more daring, you can opt for red, royal blue or storm blue.

Dark colors for winter

For winter, we prefer dark colors that are much less dirty such as chocolate brown, taupe, black, charcoal gray or navy blue. There are also more original colors from the winter collections at the forefront of the trend: burgundy, forest green or rust.

Why do we have to wear white pants in a competition?

Historically, white pants were worn in the uniforms of the British army. It was then used in competition, because it allows to contrast the legs of the rider of the leather of the saddle contrary to the black.

Today, white pants are no longer mandatory in competitions and had to be washed with great care. Only wearing a very light color is (beige, light gray or white).

What material or fabric of pants to choose (cotton, jeans, raincoat)?

If you like the casual look and want to wear your pants in town, we recommend denim pants. Animo initiated this trend a few years ago and made a hit with its collection! Be careful, these models are in very limited quantities and the stock is going very fast.

Cotton is a safe bet but has recently been dethroned by synthetic fabrics that are more elastic and have a second skin effect.

Living in rainy areas, this message is addressed to you (hello Normans and Bretons). Several brands have thought of developing waterproof pants to protect us from bad weather.

What accessories to choose for your pants?

The ultimate accessory for a pair of pants is of course the belt! We offer a wide selection of belts in all sizes, in leather, elastic or fabric. You can also bet on the pair of socks.

Another essential accessory: the phone pouch that can be attached to your belt to be more comfortable with your laptop on horseback.

Where can I find men's underwear on sale or on special? Which site offers the best deals?

We have a section with all our clothing and equipment on sale or discounted. It's called destocking. You'll find a long list of discontinued items or old collections of your favorite brands at the best price. You can also hunt for our best deals and promo codes on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram.

Just like the non-discounted products, these discounted items are eligible for delivery in metropolitan France as well as the European Union.

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