High-end stirrup made in France

Flex-on, French’s favorite stirrups.

Flex On is a brand of equipment for riders and horses. The brand’s product : the high-end stirrup, made in France. Entirely imagined, designed and produced for best results in equestrian sports practice, both in training and in competition (cross country, show jumping, dressage, polo, horse ball, endurance, trec, etc.)

Many Flex On models are made to meet every rider’s specific needs : Safe On, in aluminum, green composite, with different floors and customizable according to your tastes. Flex On has stirrups which combine quality, technicality with elastomer technology that absorb shocks, comfort in complete safety and still remaining aesthetic.

West cheval gives you its opinions on Flex-On :

How to choose between Freejump, Rid’up, Compositi or Flex-On stirrups ?

Why choose the Flex-On brand for your stirrups ? The answer is very simple. Here are all Flex-On stirrups benefits :

  • An adaptable floor
  • Amazing customization
  • Most comfortable cushioning
  • An affordable price
  • An inimitable position

How to remove the stickers from your Flex-On stirrups ?

In order to change the stickers on your stirrups, use a pointed utensil. Gently lift the magnet’s corner. You will thus have the two parts of the stickers.

All you have to do is place a new set of stickers to tackle a whole new style !

How to put your Flex-On stirrups on your stirrup leathers ?

In order to place your stirrups on your stirrup leathers, simply refer to the letter on them. The “R” goes right and the “L” goes left. Next, the front of your stirrups should be toward your horse. And there you go ! You are ready to ride with your new Flex-On.

How to clean your Flex-On stirrups ?

First and foremost, you should remove the sand from the floor using a plug. Then, a simple cleaning with water will be enough to give a second life to your stirrups !

Where to buy your Flex-On stirrups at the best price or on sale ?

The entire Flex-On collection is available on our website westcheval.fr and in our store at the Pôle Européen du Cheval in Le Mans.

How to customize your Flex-On stirrups ?

Which color : white, blue, gray, black or red ?

The advantage with Flex-On stirrups is that you can choose whatever color you want !

Having a pair of stirrups matched to each saddle pad is possible with Flex-On !

Which floor to choose : inclined or straight ? Ultra grip or simple ?

The inclined floor is rather recommended for show jumping, because it allows the heels to descend well. If you want an excellent grip of the stirrups, opt for the ultra grip model.

Flex-On flagship products

Customizable Flex-On stirrups :

Junior Flex-Ons

Flex-on offers two models for children : green composite junior and safe-on junior. These stirrups are adapted to the morphology of the small riders.


These stirrups are a safety version of the green composite model. Indeed, the Safe-On model is specially designed so that, in the event of a fall, the flexible stirrup’s arm detaches from the floor to free the rider’s foot.

Adult Green Composite

The Green Composite model is a best-seller from the Flex-On brand. With its frame made of polyamide materials and its flexible shock absorbers, these stirrups represent the ultimate comfort !


The aluminum stirrups are a special, more chic version of the Green Composite model. Indeed, their aluminum frame makes them more resistant and brighter !

Flex-On stirrups accessories :

Saddle pads

Flex-On mats with a chic and sober design are ideal if you want to wear the colors of your favorite brand in both stables and competitions ! They exist in two versions : Fishbone and Glitter rope.

Rider’s collection

Flex-on has launched a superb collection for male and female riders with t-shirts, sweatshirts, sleeveless down jackets, caps and socks.

You can find our Flex-On models on our website and social networks : Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Flex On Tweed Cap
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Flex On Tweed Cap
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Caps and hats
Flex-On Cap
Flex On
Colours: black, navy, burgundy, light blue, or English green Unique size Mixed model
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