Cavalleria Toscana, Italian elegance

Manufactured in order to meet the technical and aesthetic needs of the greatest riders, opt for the elegance and chic of the Cavalleria toscana collections. 

You can find a wide range of textiles and accessories, for both riders and horses such as competition pants, shirts and jackets, as well as saddle pads, fly beanies or polo bands, combining technicality and design.

"Made in Italia" elegance

Cavalleria Toscana is a brand of equestrian equipment for the rider and his horse, which was created in 2008. Made in Italy in the brand’s workshops, its products are designed thanks to a rich local know-how and a very sure taste.

Buying Cavalleria Toscana means ensuring elegance and technicality in both training and competition.

Cavalleria Toscana flagship products

Men, women and children’s riding clothes


The italian brand’s jackets are recognized for their incredible cut which perfectly highlights the rider’s morphology.


For dressage and eventing riders, Cavalleria Toscana offers a range of very elegant tailcoats, which perfectly correspond to the discipline’s requirements.

The Révolution range

The designers have imagined a revolutionary range with competition jackets that have a totally ventilated and elastic back for even more comfort. We have a real crush on the Révolution women's competition jacket.


Cavalleria Toscana offers a wide line of sporty designed t-shirts for day-to-day riding or to wear around town. You can find Cavalleria Toscana’s selection of t-shirts and polo shirts on our website in the sportswear section.

Men, women and children’s competition shirts and polo shirts 

The Italian brand is recognized for the finesse and elegance of its competition polo shirts. Cavalleria Toscana competition shirts and polo shirts are ideal in order to perfect your competition outfit. For long-sleeved polo shirts fans, CT has created exceptional models that will make you forget the absence of a jacket.

Softshell, sweater and hoodies

For mid-season, the brand’s Italian designers create high-quality sweatshirts, softshells and jumpers each year with a timeless look.

Jackets, down jackets and bombers

Do you dream of a warm and chic jacket for the winter ? Cavalleria Toscana has developed, just for you, technical jackets ideal for riding in cold weather. In order to find the jacket that will keep you warm this winter, go to the store or to


Cavalleria Toscana pants are the brand’s best-sellers, everyone is snapping them up. Why ? Their elastic material and perfect fit make them as flattering as they are comfortable.

To be always more comfortable in the saddle, ladies, here are the pants you need : the American Breeches Cavalleria Toscana pants. Thanks to its high waist, it will offer you comfort and support on horseback.

How do Cavalleria Toscana pants fit ?

CT pants have a classic fit. However if you are between two sizes, we recommend that you take the smaller one.



In order to wear the brand’s colors in an elegant way, Cavalleria Toscana has developed elastic belts with their logo buckle. What perfectly accessorized your outfits on horseback as in town.


Breathable, resistant and comfortable, the Cavalleria Toscana gloves are essential to protect your beautiful hands from the abrasions caused by the practice of horse riding.


Indispensable to have a total Cavalleria Toscana look, the Italian brand’s socks are a combination of comfort and design. For each collection, socks are created to match the products, to ensure you an incredible look.


It’s the brand’s best-seller ! We see them on the heads of riders in summer and winter, Cavalleria Toscana caps have become the main accessory in everyone’s wardrobe.

Horse items

Saddle pads and beanies

Matching perfectly with your horse is every riders’ dream. Cavalleria Toscana achieves this by offering saddle pads and beanies made in Italy with a design in line with the rider’s collection.

You can find Cavalleria Toscana items on sale during sales periods on the “Destocking” section.

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