Charles Owen, helmets combining technique and elegance!

Charles Owen, the equestrian brand, with its 110 years of experience, offers high-performance and ergonomic riding helmets, handmade by experts. You can find all our Charles Owen helmets here.

Charles Owen, “riding hat” the english way

For over 100 years, Charles Owen has protected riders around the world with his high quality helmets. Recognized for its product’s elegance, this brand has made a name for itself in all disciplines of the equestrian world.

Charles Owen is a safety expert, the brand’s helmets protect very effectively in the event of a big fall and are approved for horse riding.

Charles Owen’s helmets are a real reference in the equestrian world with their vintage design because they remind people of the helmets that were once worn by the greatest riders. 

Choosing Charles Owen means choosing elegance, quality and safety. 

How do Charles Owen helmets fit ?

Charles Owen helmets fit in a classic way, we recommend that you take your usual size

If you don’t know your helmet size, measure your head with a tape measure. This will give you a measurement that matches your helmet size.

Charles Owen’s flagship models

The classic Wellington helmet

Are you nostalgic for velvet helmets ? The Wellington model has been made for you ! Its classic design will bring a vintage touch to your equipment !

The SP8 helmet with polo visor

The Charles Owen SP8 Plus helmet is one of the brand’s best-sellers. With its wide visor, it delights all riders dreaming of an elegant and modern helmet.

The Elumen sparkly helmet

This helmet is a hit with dressage riders ! The Elumen Sparkly helmet is both sober and original thanks to its tone-on-tone shiny central part.

The AYR8 leather helmet

We love the AYR8 leather helmet, with its leather shell, which gives it a chic and sober look ! Plus it makes it easier to clean.

The YR8 sparkly helmet with rhinestones

The Owen YR8 sparkly helmet is the model that does not go unnoticed on stretching sessions ! With its center part in silver rhinestones you will have a very shiny look.

For a more subtle look, the YR8 sparkly model is available in tone-on-tone rhinestones.

The halo helmet

The Halo helmet is THE Charles Owen novelty of the year ! With its smooth shell and modern design, it is unlike any other helmet from the brand.

In addition, rose gold fans will be served ! It is available in silver or rose gold details with the hull in navy or black.

It is Charles Owen’s first helmet that has interchangeable foams. The halo foams must be purchased separately from the helmet. 

The Hampton helmet

The Hampton helmet has the same design as the Wellington classic helmet, but without the small bow on the back. Its velvet material gives it a little vintage side, very appreciated by riders.

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