You can find all Kentucky products and accessories in stock and at the best price at West Cheval.

Kentucky Horsewear products and accessories are used by the most prestigious riders in the world.

Kentucky has been developing high quality products for horses and dogs since 2011. With respect and comfort for the animal, the brand has chosen 100% cruelty-free materials, such as the flagship lining in artificial rabbit skin and the one in faux sheepskin.

Kentucky will accompany your horses in training, at rest and during competitions, in jumping or in dressage, while preserving their health and well-being, for sustained performance.

Discover the new products of the moment, as well as the rest of the collection such as blankets, kidney covers, dressage or obstacle saddle pads, accessories, halters and leads in stock and at the best price on our website (delivery and click and collect) and in stores in Le Mans (north west).

West Cheval offers delivery of Kentucky products and accessories everywhere in France (north, south, east, west) and in the European Union.

The essential products you can find in your West Cheval saddlery :

Horse protections :

Kentucky offers a wide selection of protections for the paddock, work and competition such as gaiters, fetlock boots, bands, bells and pastern guards. Whether you do show jumping, dressage or eventing, you will find protections that are adapted to your discipline.

In order to know the number of units available on a model of gaiters or bells, feel free to contact us.

Saddle pads and beanies

This brand is famous today for its very wide choice of saddle pads and matching hats. Available in dressage or obstacle cut in multiple colors and designs, there is something for everyone. We particularly think of the essential velvet saddle pad (price : 79,99 EUR). If you fell in love with this model, go for it, it is a very successful one with our customers and is regularly out of stock.

There are also other star models such as houndstooth, glitter stone or pearls

In order to find out the number of units available on a saddle pad model, feel free to contact us.

Dogs range :

Composed of collars, leash, harnesses, blankets, bowls, baskets and toys, the Kentucky Dogwear line is very extensive. The similarities between the designs of the dog and horse range will allow you to match your animals. Dog accessories are available in the famous houndstooth, corduroy and velvet fabrics.

The very wide Kentucky size chart makes it possible to offer collars and harnesses for all types of doggies, from the Miniature Spitz to the Great Dane.

In order to find out the number of units available on a dog collar or coat model, feel free to contact us.

Halters :

You will inevitably find a halter that suits your horse among all the models that Kentucky Horsewear offers. In leather or synthetic sheepskin, they will ensure maximum comfort for your horse. You’ve probably already seen it, it’s the range’s star, the sheepskin halter (price : 94,99 EUR).

Shock absorbers :

Kentucky offers you different models of shock absorbers that adapt to all body types. Their advantage is their very chic look with synthetic leather or synthetic sheepskin details.

Kidney blankets :

In square or classic shape, waterproof or fleece, the Kentucky exercise rugs adapt to all tastes and needs. Your horse will be warm to work in winter while remaining trendy.

Shirts and blankets :

For outdoors or for the paddock, Kentucky has designed the cover of your dreams. We have a weakness for very elegant box models. We particularly love the Show Rug 160g blanket  (price : 204,99 EUR) perfect for braving the cold of the far north.

Avec leurs détails en peau de lapin, en cuir et en mouton synthétique, les couvertures Kentucky sont Cruelty Free.

With details in rabbit skin, leather and synthetic sheepskin, Kentucky blankets are Cruelty-free. 

As far as meadow blankets are concerned, you will find them for all seasons and all locations (north or south). For the summer, there’s nothing like a good fly rug to protect your horse from all types of flies. You can also invest in the Kentucky fly mask which will offer your horse perfect protection against insects (horseflies, flies, mosquitoes, etc.)

In winter, you will have the choice between different covers resistant to rain and wind.

Do you want to know our stock on a specific model ? Contact us, we will be able to answer you.

Straps :

Always designed in Vegan material, Kentucky Horsewear girths are as comfortable as they are resistant. They will accompany you easily for both work and competitions.

You can find our Kentucky look suggestions on our Instagram and our Facebook.

For more advice on our stock, delivery, your purchases and your orders, find our contacts on the website !


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