Natural'Innov, a 100% French brand of natural products

Natural'Innov offers a complete range of natural and innovative equestrian products. Their products include natural feed supplements, coat and skin care, and equine welfare products. Natural'Innov stands out for its commitment to the health and well-being of horses, using high-quality natural ingredients.

Horse owners trust Natural'Innov to offer safe and effective solutions for maintaining the vitality and performance of their equine companions. With their expertise in phytotherapy and their environmentally-friendly approach, Natural'Innov is the brand of choice for a natural, holistic approach to horse riding.

Who's behind Natural'Innov? 

My name is Agathe, I'm an agricultural engineer from Lille and totally dedicated to the well-being of your sidekicks. On 9 November 2018, I filed the articles of association for Natural'Innov with my head full of dreams, the desire to create something that reflects me, that is in line with my values, that I am passionate about and that, why not, one day, would give me a living...

Like you, I used to be a customer, then my professional experience in the international animal nutrition sector gave me an insight into the market and enabled me to acquire technical and commercial knowledge. Aware of the realities of the market and disappointed by the practices of certain players, I decided to create what I wanted to find for my own horses: natural, innovative products that offered good value for money.

Starting out with a product, the Natural'Digest, meant learning, undertaking, doubting, believing, working, moving forward and, above all, growing. All the products in the range were born out of a personal need or desire in which I invested 2000% to develop, formulate and offer solutions adapted to my colleagues and yours... 4 years later: 30 products, 80 references, a few grey hairs (no big deal, I'm blonde!), 5 top-class guinea pig horses... and above all, ever more passion.

The love of horses has always supported me and given me a lot, but above all I've been lucky enough to cross paths with good people who have supported me, encouraged me, helped me and pushed me on. So thank you to the wonderful #NaturalTeam who work alongside me every day to help Natural'Innov evolve, to the others who surround us from near and far and to you for making this adventure a magnificent book with many chapters still to be written.


The 'natural' trend is gaining ground in the animal nutrition and health sector, with the aim of offering alternatives to reduce the use of chemical and medical substances (such as antibiotics, for example). This is leading manufacturers to change their vision and practices.

Today, a large number of food and care products offered on the equine market are often not very concentrated in active ingredients, diluted on carriers, and not very explicit about what they contain.


Our priority: to remain open and attentive to your needs, in order to create a limited range of high quality products, while minimising the number of intermediaries to offer you the best solutions at affordable prices.

With innovation always in mind, our team scans the latest developments and advances in international technical and scientific research on a daily basis, enabling us to concoct high-performance recipes for you.


Based on the principle that it is possible to find natural solutions to the majority of problems encountered on the equine market, we make it a point of honour to focus on this niche.

With this in mind, we feel it is equally important to take an approach that respects the environment and, above all, our beloved equines.


Without forgetting to inform and educate horse lovers on various subjects, we want to offer a new and complete range of products.

The adventure began with Natural'Digest, already recognised for its effectiveness. The aim now is to continue developing new natural, ultra-concentrated recipes that offer real added value.

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