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Horseware offers a wide range of blankets and products that are developed to increasingly match horses and provide them with the greatest comfort. To protect yourself from bad weather, winter or summer, for the stable or outside, at rest or at work, everything is done in order to provide optimal living comfort and well-being to your horse.

Of high quality and used for decades in large stables, you can find our entire selection of Horseware textiles on the online saddlery.

h2>Horseware, original Irish quality

Of high quality and used for decades in large stables, the Irish brand is now a must-have in the equestrian equipment market.

You can find our entire selection of Horseware textiles on the online saddlery or in our store at the Pôle Européen du Cheval in Le Mans.

West Cheval gives you its opinion on the Horseware brand

How to choose the size of your Horseware shirt, rug, blanket or fleece ?

 It is very simple to choose your horse’s size ! You simply have to follow the size guide on the Horseware product sheets. Here are some guidelines for blanket sizes :

  • 5'9 for a D poney 
  • 6'0 for a small horse
  • 6'3 for a thin standard horse
  • 6'6 for a standard horse
  • 6'9 for a large standard horse
  • 7'0 for a tall horse
  • 7'3 for a very tall horse

How to choose between Horseware, Horze or Weatherbeeta ?

Horseware has been the premier brand in the equestrian blanket industry for decades. Its covers are recognized for various qualities, as follows :

  • Ergonomics
  • Comfort
  • Warm
  • Resistance
  • Impermeability
  • Originality of designs
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Practical packaging

At Horseware you can get quality blankets, regardless of your budget. So do not hesitate any longer and opt for the Horseware range !

Horseware brands 


The Rambo brand is made up of high-end products with incomparable quality. This range is very famous among professional riders for its resistance and comfort. If you want the best for your horse, Rambo is the place to turn to.

This range also offers therapeutic products to help your horse recover and prepare for exercises while providing unprecedented well-being.


This range of blankets is considered mid-range. You will find a lot of quality products at a very fair price. Amigo is the kingdom of the blanket that tears without tearing.


This is Horseware's entry level. For cheap blankets, it’s here ! Mio is the range you need to offer your horse. It has the Horseware quality, but without breaking the bank.

This range offers the basics that every horse must have in its wardrobe : shirt, drying rack, paddock, blanket, … 


This range is Horseware’s legendary line. It includes many ultra-resistant products with a somewhat vintage design, but still very chic ! If you are looking for sturdy blankets “just like the good old days”, you should invest in Horseware’s Rhino range.

Horseware’s flagship products

Optimo models

This ergonomic model is specially designed to fit every shape of your horse. The Optimo blanket model will offer optimal comfort to your horse, as its name suggests.

This blanket is available both for the stables and the outside activities, in order to put on your horse in any circumstances. Optimo liners are available if you want to provide your frame extra warmth without weighing it down with extra coverage.

The Vari Layer models

The Rambo Vari Layer stall blanket model features technology that efficiently distributes heat across your horse’s body. Indeed, the sensitive parts have a thicker weight while the others are thinner. This makes it possible to lighten the blanket while optimizing the heat.

Saddle pads

Horseware offers many saddle pads with very different designs, from the funniest to the most classic. You will inevitably find your happiness among the brand’s models. With each collection, Horseware offers a new saddle pad with a different design.

Ice Vibes gaiters

Ice Vibes gaiters are ideal in order to improve your horse’s recovery. Indeed, they activate blood circulation and accelerate the process of toxins elimination that sport horses have.

The massage provided by the vibrating panels associated with the cold of iced packs is recommended by many equine health professionals, in order to reduce the risk of injury and even treat existing ones.

For more therapeutic products, we recommend the Rambo Ionic range of magnetic items. 

Anti-fly blankets and masks

Is your horse sensitive to flies and summer is coming ? Don’t worry, Horseware has the solution. With its wide range of products against bugs, your horse will be able to relax in the paddock or in the meadow without worrying about these flying pests. 

Horseware offers blankets covering up from the belly to the tail of your horse and masks with arches to clear his sight and eyes. Opting for Horseware fly masks and blankets means opting for your horse’s peace of mind.

Dog wear range

Having your dog’s blanket matching your horse’s one, which rider hasn’t dreamed of it ? With Horseware’s range for dogs, it is now possible !

For your greatest pleasure, Horseware offers waterproof or fleece dog blankets, in order to keep your pooch warm all along winter.

Do you love the new market model ? That turns out well ! Horseware offers a nice little coat for dogs in thick fleece that will keep your doggo very warm. This blanket is available in brown, blue, black, red and yellow.

Rider’s range : jackets, boots, polo shirts, …

Even though this brand is best known for these horse items, they still do great when it comes to producing quality apparel and footwear. The male and female collections are closely linked to those specially designed for their horses. This will allow you to match with your horse in any circumstances, in competitions or during daily work.

The brand notably offers pretty polo shirts and very practical technical jackets for mid-season. Horseware is also known for its super warm and durable boots that accompany many riders in the stables on a daily basis and on the show grounds.

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Horseware Pony Rug - Adapts to stable rugs and outdoor rugs (offering the attachment system for under rugs), breathable, thickness 100g or 200g, navy colours, from 3'9 to 5'9 Delivery between 3 and 21 days. Contact us at to confirm the deadline.
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Horseware Amigo Hero 900 Plus Lite 0g Blanket
The Horseware Amigo Hero 900 plus lite waterproof rug is a daily essential for every horse. The blanket's exterior is made" of waterproof, breathable 900D polyester, tough and durable. It features a single front closure, two crossed belly straps to stay perfectly in place and a special cut to ensure your horse's freedom of movement. Large tail flap for...

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