Feeling, spurs and bites for horses

This brand provides all types of bits, spurs and stirrups.

If you are looking for good bits for affordable prices, this is the brand to choose.

Feeling offers a nice range of spurs, which can be used on a daily basis.

You can find all the products of the Feeling brand at West Cheval

Feeling, simplicity at the rider’s service

Feeling is a brand adored by riders for its quality products at low prices. Compliant with the criteria of each equestrian discipline, Feeling items are specially designed to make life easier for riders without ruining them. The brand offers a wide range of functional and robust bits, spurs and stirrups.

If you want to invest in equestrian equipment without making your banker scream, consider Feeling !

Feeling’s range flagship products

Double jointed bits

With simple rings, olives or needles, Feeling offers many double-jointed bits for the comfort of equines.

The double-joint’s particularity is that it allows the bit to better adapt to the horse’s mouth shape, leaving more room for the tongue to move.

This type of bit is also suitable to relax horses since they love to play with the central joint. This triggers salivation and then makes the bit more pleasant in the mouth.

Leather bits

Leather bits are renowned for their softness. Indeed, mouthpieces covered with leather are more pleasant in contact with the mucous membranes since their temperature is higher than that of a simple metal bit. This material also helps to activate salivation. 

Cyprium bits

Like leather ones, cyprium is a material that does not feel cold. This makes Feeling brand cyprium bits more palatable for horses. This can make all the difference if your horse is sensitive to this setting.

For a first try, we recommend the Feeling model with olive and double joint in cyprium. 

Spanish bits

The Spanish bits are curb chain mouthpieces with a lowering effect which allows for a lighter contact. Depending on the adjustment of the bracelet and the position of the reins on the rings, this effect can be more or less strong. This allows you to adapt the bit to the sensitivity of your horse in order to raise its attitude without altering its comfort.

Pessoa bits

The Pessoa Feeling is a bit that can have three to four rings. Its effect can thus be more or less important depending on the positioning of your reins and the use or not of alliances.

This mouthpiece allows horses that are a little open to put themselves in place more easily.


Feeling offers a range of stirrups from the simplest to the most technical to meet every rider’s needs.

The brand recently released a safety model called Arena, whose branch opens during a fall.


Over the years Feeling has developed a very complete line of spurs to meet the expectations of beginner riders as well as professional riders.


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