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Norton, equipment at the riders and their horse’s service

Norton has been a recognized brand among riders for many years now. The brand has evolved over time to provide quality equipment to its customers.

Between the rider’s equipment and the horse’s one, Norton offers a very wide range of quality products at the best price.

West Cheval gives you its opinion on Norton’s equipment and products

Shoes, ankle boots, boots and half-chaps

The Norton brand offers a wide range of footwear for day-to-day riding or to ride in the stables and outdoors. Norton boots and ankle boots combine comfort and resistance for the rider’s greatest pleasure.

Synthetic saddles with interchangeable arches : dressage, obstacle or mixed

Norton is recognized for its quality saddles which are ideal for evolving riders. Made is synthetic material, they are just as comfortable and resistant as other models.

Rexine 17 saddle

With its pretty finishes and sleek design, the Rexine Club model is Norton’s best-seller. It is perfect for small budgets.


The brand offers many very pleasant anatomical girths for your horse at work. Whatever your discipline, you will find a girth that will suit you since Norton also offers dressage girths.

We have a crush on the XTR synthetic sheepskin girth which will suit the most sensitive horses.

Bridles and halters

Norton offers some very nice snaffle and halter designs to match the rest of the range. On the halter side, the brand has developed a wide line with models ranging from basic nylon to synthetic sheepskin.

The westys’ favorite is the ethical Pearl halter with its pretty little pearl and shimmering colors.


Whether for the outdoors or the stall, Norton offers quality covers at a more than reasonable price. Concerned about your horse’s comfort, the brand chooses comfortable and resistant materials that will allow him to be comfortable all day long.

Saddle pads

Norton has developed quality saddle pads for everyday use. With a simple and elegant design, our favorite is, of course, the comfort shock absorber saddle pad with a preference for the burgundy color with a pretty beige border matching its synthetic sheepskin.

Norton Pro protections for horses and ponies


The Norton brand is very well known for its inexpensive and well-cut work protection. The brand has now evolved by offering models with very modern designs. It even created a model of gaiters like those of the “big ones” with very pretty synthetic sheepskin : the closed XTR gaiters.

Hooves bells

To protect your horse during his daily outings in the paddock or at work, opt for Norton bell boots ! With or without sheepskin, rubber or neoprene, they will prevent your horse from all the little injuries of everyday life.

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