Absorbine, specialist in innovative products for your horses

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Absorbine is a family-owned company that provides riders with quality care products for their horses. Used by many professional riders and grooms around the world, the Absorbine range is renowned for its cleaning and hoof care products.

A cleaning range for dogs has also been developed for your pooch's pleasure.

Showsheen: the range for manes and coats!


Showsheen shampoos are specially designed to thoroughly clean your horse's coat and accelerate hair growth.

Detanglers and glossers

Detanglers are available in spray or gel form, depending on the horse's sensitivity. Like polishers, they repel dust and dirt.

Miracle Groom stain remover

Miracle Groom stain remover is ideal for removing stains and adding shine to your horse's coat. Many grooms recommend it for last-minute cleaning at shows, thanks to its ultra-fast action.

Hooflex: The hoof care range!

Absorbine is famous for its hoof care products. Among its renowned products is the Magic Cushion filling paste, also available in an Xtreme version.

The range also includes numerous foot greases to intensely nourish and repair brittle hooves. Absorbine even offers ointments in mist form!

Absorbine plus: The range for joints and muscles!

Absorbine Gel

Absorbine Gel has been developed for optimum horse recovery. It relaxes, refreshes and tones the horse's muscles. It can be applied to the whole body before and after efforts such as competitions or heavy training.

Liquid, veterinary liniment

A multifunctional product? Liquid Absorbine liniment! This product has the same properties as Absorbine gel and many others...

It has an antiseptic effect on minor wounds. Liquid can also be used to treat your horse's hooves, as it has sanitizing properties.

Ultra Shield: the anti-insect range!

Fly masks

Absorbine fly masks are ideal for protecting your horse from insects and UV rays in the pasture, paddock or at work. They are available with or without ear and with or without nose protection.

For extra protection, complete your horse's protection with Absorbine's natural Ultra Shield Green fly spray.

The dog range!

To give your dog the best care, Absorbine has created a range of detanglers, dry shampoos and stain removers with ultra-fast, effective action.

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