CINGOMMA France|specialist in the manufacture of recycled tires

CINGOMMA specializes in the manufacture of belts for women and men, bags, armchairs and custom accessories in recycled tires, 100% handmade and eco friendly.

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Cingomma, italiano upcycled belts

Cingomma is a committed Italian brand that sustainably manufactures accessories from recycled materials, including bicycle tires.

Created more than ten years ago by the man known as Maurizio, the brand makes it a point of honor to protect the environment and help its region grow socially. He also recalls “No one should sacrifice ethics, style and quality in exchange for beauty.”. The values of the founders are recalled on each product thanks to the “Positive Causes” label, which indicates that the brand fights for positive causes and not for its sole profitability.

In an ecological approach, the brand collects tires from bicycle repairers or race organizers. These tires will then be transformed in Italian workshops into belts and bags. Since each tire is unique, so are Cingomma products. Each product has a serial number.

As a proof of its social commitment, Cingomma employs people in professional reintegration for the manufacture of its accessories.

Cingomma, the European upcycling queen of brands, is just waiting to be in your dressing room. All Cingomma products are available on our website,, or in our shop at the European Horse Center in Le Mans.

Cingomma flagship products

Bags models

Toilet kit

Made from inner tubes, the Cingomma case is ideal to store all your beauty products when you go on a trip. It remains to be seen whether you will choose the large or the small model. 

Marsupio belt pouch

The belt pouch recently came back into fashion, what better than a belt pouch made of inner tube to add a rock touch to your outfits. You can perfectly match it with a Cingomma belt.

The little bag

An essential accessory for the trendy women out there, the Cingomma clutch will enhance your outfits with a recycled and responsible touch ! It will be perfect to follow you during all your outings.

The backpack

With a very sporty look and practical to use thanks to its many pockets, the Cingomma made in inner tube backpack will be your best friend to go with on the road. Like every Cingomma product, each model is unique depending on the placement and color of the lines on the inner tubes.

The sports bag

Have you always dreamed of having an original sports bag ? Cingomma has created a bag that will perfectly meet your expectations : the sports bag made in inner tubes. You can even use it to go on weekends with friends or family.

The Bauletto bag

This unique handbag made from inner tubes is perfect for those who can’t settle for a small pocket to hold all their little treasures. Cingomma’s Bauletto is a superb bowling type of bag that goes perfectly with all your city outfits.

Tire belts


Cingomma belts are unique since they are made from used and recycled tires. The basic range is a selection of unretouched classic belts. Each model is fully adjustable to adapt perfectly to your morphology.


Youtattoo models are belts made from tires like the entire Cingomma range. However, their particularity is that they are printed with original patterns. It will bring fun to your outfits. You will find models with zebra, camouflage, skull and snake patterns.

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Ceinture Cingomma Youtattoo 173599
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Belt Cingomma Youtattoo 173599
One size: to be cut for a custom fit Mixed model 100% eco-responsible
Belt Cingomma Youtattoo 112456
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Belt Cingomma Youtattoo 112456
One size: to be cut for a custom fit Mixed model 100% eco-responsible
Ceinture Cingomma 90084
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Belt Cingomma 88763
One size: to be cut for a custom fit Mixed model 100% eco-responsible!
Petite Trousse Cingomma De Beauté Petite Trousse Cingomma De Beauté 2
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Cingomma Beauty Case
Colour: Black Size: 20 x 10 x 10
Pochette Cingomma Pochette Cingomma 2
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Cingomma Pouch
Colour: Black Size: 26 x 17
Sac Cingomma Bauletto Sac Cingomma Bauletto 2
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Cingomma Bauletto Bag
Colour: Black  Size: 35 x 15 x 20h
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