Kevin Bacon offers a wide range of outstanding products for your horse’s body, limbs and hooves maintenance.

All products are 100% natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils, animal fat, and above all, laurel oil, known and recognized for its benefits.

The brand accompanies you on a daily basis, both in the stables, after an effort, and in competition, to take care of your horse.

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West Cheval offers a wide range of Kevin Bacon products

The best hooves care riders can give their horse

Over the years, Kevin Bacon has become one of the leading brands in horse riding, thanks to a wide range of hooves care products. Since 1984, the family business has partnered with many top riders and is recommended by many farriers. Trusting Kevin Bacon means making sure you have a horse in perfect health.

Kevin Bacon’s flagship care products

Hoof grease or ointment : Hoof Dressing

Hoof Dressing Grease is a nourishing laurel ointment for hooves. It allows you to maintain an excellent quality of callus on your horse’s feet, whatever the season. It can be used daily and also just before competitions to reveal the beauty of your horse’s hooves. This Kevin Bacon ointment exists in balck or blond.

Hood oil : Hoof Dressing

Like hoof grease, the Hoof Solution hoof oil is intended to deeply nourish the horse’s hooves. Its oily texture allows the product to penetrate very quickly. Also based on laurel, it guarantees impeccable hooves.

Frogs treatment : Hoof Solution

The Hoof Solution product is specially designed for horses with smelly and soggy hooves problems. It will rebalance the sole and the frog for perfectly healthy hooves. This Kevin Bacon product, whose effectiveness is undeniable, is a real essential for horse care.

Biotin supplement : Hoof Formula

The Hoof Formula food supplement is the best way to improve the quality of your horse’s hooves. It contains all the necessary elements for the callus’s proper development. It is ideal for sport horses and young horses still growing, in order to put them in the best condition to work and compete. In terms of operation, the box allows a cure of about a month

Anti-itch soap : Active Soap

In order to limit your horse’s itching and skin problems, there’s nothing like Active Soap. You can use it all over your horse’s body, hair and tail. It is particularly suitable for horses that scratch because of insects.

Decongestant clay : Manicouagan clay

In order to offer the best recovery possible to your horse, opt for the Manicouagan clay. Coming from the Quebec peninsula that owns the same name, it will allow your horse’s members to be decongested, firmed and toned. You can use it all over the body for a relaxing effect.

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Kevin Bacon's Marine Clay From Manicouagnan
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