Poponcini Bits - Mouthpiece

Poponcini Bits is an Italian and revolutionary brand in the field of bits for horses, both in design and composition.

Indeed, they are known to be very comfortable in the horse’s mouth, and thus, allow him to relax easily.

Poponcini bits have a particular construction : based on a steel wire and a brass socket with the ends covered with a plastic layer, a special silicone layer is added, a system called “Harmony”, which then makes the particularity of these bits, making the actions more pleasant and harmonious for the horse.

You can find Poponcini bits, qualified as exceptional, on the saddlery.

Pessoa 4 Rings Poponcini Bit Pessoa 4 Rings Poponcini Bit 2
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Four rings bits
Pessoa 4 Rings Poponcini Bit
Sizes : 125 or 135mm  Barrel thickness : 19mm  Size of big rings : 90mm  Sizes of small rings : 30mm 

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