Revolutionise dog care with Happy Scoop

Why "Happy Scoop"?

HAPPY to evoke the joy that animals give us and that we want to give back to them with our range of well-being products, and SCOOP for the dose of love associated with it, but also for the dose of food supplements and care.

Food supplements that address the most common problems encountered by dog owners;

Artisanal gluten-free treat recipes adapted to the needs of all dogs;

Natural solutions to combat internal and external parasites in dogs;

Useful daily care products for all dogs.

All our products are natural and made exclusively in France.

Who is behind "Happy Scoop"?

Agathe and Léa have always been passionate about animals, and dogs in particular, and have put their knowledge of animal nutrition and health to work for their 4-legged friends. After experiencing various problems with their companions, the sisters set out to find effective, natural solutions for their well-being. After several years of reflection, development and experimentation, the Happy Scoop range of solutions was born!

The launch of Happy Scoop is the culmination of a lot of hard work by these agricultural engineers, who are always full of ideas and projects. Join the adventure! 

Food supplements and natural care products for your companion!

Happy Scoop Balm 150ml Happy Scoop Balm 150ml 2
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Dog Care
Happy Scoop Balm
Happy Scoop
Happy Scoop Relax 300g Happy Scoop Relax 300g 2
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Behaviour & Stress
Happy Scoop Relax
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Happy Scoop Moov 300g Happy Scoop Moov 300g 2
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Happy Scoop Moov
Happy Scoop
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