Western equipment is used for western riding, a style of riding that emerged in the United States in the 1800s.

It differs from English equipment used for equestrian sports such as show jumping and dressage.

Here are some of the Western equipment offered by Westride:

The Western saddle: a larger and heavier saddle than the English saddles, with a leather saddle, a higher pommel, a flatter tree and a larger stirrup.

The western bit: a wider and softer bit than the English bits, for a better comfort for the horse.

Reins: Longer and thicker reins than English reins, for better control.

Stirrups : wider and higher stirrups for a better support. L

he bridle: a thicker bridle with metal embellishments, such as wolf head studs or beads for a better look.

Sangle Coton Westride à Brins
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Horse girths
Westride Cotton Girth
Colours: white/red or white/black Size: 80cm
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